We are currently in the middle of building out our new space, into the penthouse at our current address, a la The Jeffersons, we are “movin on up, movin on up….to a deluxe apartment  in the sky!” The space is a classic atelier space that offers us the opportunity to place zero ten design’s mark on our own work environment, with the same responsibility to budgets and time constraints that our clients always require us to respect. The side benefit is that it has been a fun way to test drive and fine tune our “zero to ten “process and to see how creatively (read: inexpensively) we can achieve our design goals.






Roof Deck-before

While still a small space, it is ripe with opportunity, with two full walls of steel framed windows bathing the space in natural light and providing us with views of both South Park and Downtown. It even has a private roof deck where we are planning for an outdoor conference table to take advantage of the warm sunny days in SOMA. It has, as we say, “good bones.”



Mood Board

Our process began as they do for our clients, with the development of a mood board, highlighting some of the elements we want to bring into the space (complete with a bar cart and a flying pig!) with some key words thrown in to reinforce the visuals. In our case, we have collectively gravitated toward the concept of “grey flannel,” which we think plays nicely with the bright white loft space and the dark steel windows. To brighten up the seriousness that could come out of the neutral palette, we opted for some bright orange accent to liven it up a bit. Our process always produces interesting dialog about how far to push a design and this was no exception. There has been plenty of back and forth among the three of us, but we have arrived at a solution that we all know we will ultimately be happy with.




And here’s where we are as of today. Juan, our painter, is doing the first major step to make the space ours, changing out the old color and getting it ready for our palette. Just about all other elements have been ordered, lighting, furniture, rugs and other accessories, and we can’t wait to see it all come together. Stay tuned…..