Compelled by our participation in the South Park Architects’ Open House (a walking tour of  some residential designers’ offices in our neighborhood), we were up and running in our new space at the start of October. The Open House was held in conjunction with The Residential Architect ReInvention Symposium & San Francisco House Tour, and allowed us to meet and chat with many other residential architects from around the country who were visiting the symposium. It was a great evening, where we were able to share a multitude of different ideas about residential design and architecture…not to mention being a great excuse to share some drinks and food, something we never seem to shy away from! And thanks to our neighbors at JAX Vineyards, who helped out with the wine, the festivities went well into the evening. Luckily we had a roof deck to handle the crowds and take advantage pf a perfect SF “summer” night.


Office After: Party-ready.



Office After: Design Wall



Office After: As tidy as it will likely ever be….



Office After: Zeller holding court on the terrace

All in all, we would like to think this is a vast improvement over the prior iteration of the space. We even got it to come in on time and budget! Still need to get that flying pig however–although as architects I guess we can never be finished with our own space!