Burrito San

Burrito San is a prototype restaurant design for a new fast casual restaurant, offering a unique spin on sushi rolls. Our challenge was to come up with design concepts that the Client could use not only for their first store, but also develop a kit of parts that could be used as the company expands. We worked closely with the Client and their branding agency at the earliest steps of the project to help coordinate and integrate their new logo and collateral  into the design – one based on a message of freshness and innovation, rooted in a modern pan-Asian aesthetic.


We explored at length the multitude of  Asian cultures and sensibilities, and developed a modern palette that evokes the both the quality and freshness inherent in Burrito San’s food offerings. The materials were designed to be consistent with the Client’s ethos of social responsibility, consisting of natural materials and colors, yet counterbalanced with more modern splashes of color. The end result is minimalist and soothing while at the same time fresh and exciting.




1600 SF


Miami FL