Marilla: SFO

Marilla is our modern interpretation of the classic General Store, housed in the Terminal 3 at San Francisco International Airport. Its design strikes a timeless balance between the old and the new — at once evocative of the familiarity of rural small-town Americana, yet still rooted in a modern aesthetic so as to complement the contemporary design of Terminal 3 and its neighboring vendors. The simple materiality of the white-washed siding, galvanized steel accents and concrete floor tiles provide a clean, neutral background for the colorful products and goods on display, while its shelves showcase a wide variety of local and specialty merchandise curated by caring purveyor Rilla Ginsberg, who has been an integral part of the SFO community for over 25 years.
It is intended to be a place for locals and visitors alike to slow down during their busy travels, and to shop and sample from a broad selection of wonderful, regional goods.




400 SF


San Francisco CA