Vino Volo: Brisbane Airport

This project is for a new wine bar for Vino Volo at the redeveloped Departures Area of Brisbane International Airport.
The design is meant to reflect the essence of Brisbane and Queensland, with an understated feel that is purposely human-scaled and connected to its  time and place, and not just another nameless airport bar.


Formally, two semi-enclosed “pods” on either end of the composition frame the design and anchor the wine bar while maintaining great visibility from all parts of the terminal to the outdoors. Overhead landscaping scales down the great hall of the Departures Area and recalls an alfresco dining experience, reinforced by the great wall of glass.
The materials palette follows by being honest and simple:  subdued, natural colors highlight locally sourced and reclaimed woods and blackened metals –creating an authentic environment typical of the surrounding region.
Location: Brisbane Airport International Terminal
Size: 2,700 square feet
Designed: Fall 2013




2700 SF


Brisbane, AU