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philosphy and process


At zero ten design we believe that the goal of architecture and interior design is to create places and spaces that inspire, enthrall and delight. We have collectively been achieving this goal for over 50 years by designing award-winning projects of all types, specializing in hospitality, residential, retail, office and restaurants. While our egos are never at the forefront, our imagination always is, allowing us to dream up a wide range of options for our clients, and working hand-in-hand with them to fulfill their aspirations and tailor to their needs.

We love design in all its forms, and bring an unbridled enthusiasm to our work, crafting projects that are thoughtful, contextual and timeless, but it is our collective obsession with meaning—with bringing to life a concept—that sets us apart. Our approach rests on the notion that the best designs weave a storyline into a tangible, built form, manifested either through the client’s vision, the history of the place or other relevant thematic elements. However, this is not themed design and this is not trend-driven design. Instead, we build connected and meaningful experiences — psychologically, ergonomically and aesthetically– that speak directly to our clients. We research every cultural nuance and social context until we reach a thorough understanding of the concept of a project. Once there, we seek to weave the fine-grained details intrinsically into the ideas that define this overall concept. This cohesiveness ultimately results in a more personalized, nuanced and engaging experience for the inhabitants.

[one_half_last]Our “zero to ten” design  process is completely centered around defining and developing the experience to meet the expectations of our clients, and allows the client to be an integral part of the design team, as a collaborator in the exploration of the project’s vision. This process is a thoughtful and methodical one, and begins with the review of inspirational images that set the overall tone and mood of the design. From there, we springboard into a creative exploration in both two and three dimensions, which lets the design unfold as we develop and react to the different iterations. Once a design direction is determined, we work closely with a talented pool of engineers, craftsmen and contractors to see the project through its completion, and help the client navigate through a process that can often seem overwhelming and complicated.


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meet our team


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