Indian Point Lake House

Five generations of our client’s family has been raised to enjoy, respect and appreciate the natural beauty of Indian Point at Pleasant Lake in New Hampshire.  Zero ten design was entrusted to replace a modest cottage with a comfortable lakefront retreat for future generations that not only preserves the magnificent views to the lake, but also respects the unique ecosystem around the point.


To fill the needs of a large family with frequent visitors, this new home base is broken up into three separate buildings- a main house, boathouse, and a detached garage.  The main house provides the primary living quarters and dining space for the family and their guests. The boathouse accommodates various water craft storage during the winter, but opens up in the summer as a game room and brewing deck, along with an upstairs bunk room to accommodate family and friends that visit during the summer. The detached garage just off the main road is tucked out of sight into the backdrop of a lush green wetland.  The careful placement of the structures allow a glimpse of the lake for walkers passing by the main road.  As you come down the driveway approach, the structures and lake view will gradually expand out to celebrate the dramatic 180 degree view of the pine grove and shoreline that are unique to the point.  Great care was taken to make the buildings appearances from the lake be true to the quaint New England lakeside architecture, with the exterior finishes seamlessly blending into the natural landscape.




7640 SF


New London NH