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Kevin Zeller

founding principal, COO
Kevin possesses a sensibility about design that is rooted in his Napa Valley heritage. Throughout his career, he has developed a skill for engaging and involving our clients in the design process, ensuring that the design meets their needs, solves their problems and looks beautiful.
Design and yoga are full of similarities,
but fundamentally both are about balance.
Yoga between effort and ease.  
Design between form and function.

john  rojas

founding principal, CFO
With over 30 years in the architecture industry,  and dozens of completed projects in his résumé, John has proven experience steering even the most complicated projects from their inception through completion.
I always search for patterns, details and connections in the world around me. To me the best designs are those where the smallest details are tied somehow to the overall concept–that’s where the beauty of design rests.

Jamie Shorten

founding principal, CEO
Jamie is our master of hospitality design, and has been involved with numerous award-winning and successful projects in his storied career. He is constantly seeking to create timeless and modern ‘people’ spaces that are both innovative and inspirational.

Design in the absence of context and meaning  is not design, its simply decoration.



Shira Chu

Junior Designer
Dedicated blogger, food lover and passionate designer. Shira can always be found with smile on her face and bullet journal in hand, ready to take on the world.

Claire Tibma

Interior Designer
Raised by interior designers, the business and craft of design are in her blood. Claire brings a keen eye, a knack for sourcing the perfect products and a strong vision to all her projects.

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