In the 21st Century, it’s imperative that wine and beer respect their heritage, understand their present, and look ahead to their continuing evolution. As a result, zero ten’s design for Resolute Wine and Beer Experience  purposefully reflects back this goal in the interior architecture. The bar’s specific program was two-pronged: to provide a retail sales experience that celebrates Resolute’s unique and varied wine collection, while having the ability to morph into and function as a neighborhood wine bar and lounge. Our response was to design these environments as distinct yet interrelated, “rooms” held together by a common language of color, texture, fabric and architectural detail. The end result interplays between old and new: a reinterpretation of the classics, rooted in the contemporary, with nods toward the future of wine and beer.


The 15 seat bar is Resolute’s brain and commands the attention of the entire space. It is classically-detailed with elegant moldings and a Calacatta marble top, yet finished boldly and unexpectedly with a bright blue lacquer. Juxtaposing this high gloss finish stands an antique brass beer tower that anchors the L shaped bar, providing a focal point for the eight beers on tap.
Situated along the entirety of the Geary Street frontage, Resolute’s lounge is its soul–contained on three sides by the dark gray wood storefront and walls of floor-to-ceiling recessed paneling. Large circular pendants act as modern chandeliers and provide the perfect glow over the continuous banquette that wraps the space. Casual soft seating is scattered about stone and brass cocktail tables, allowing the guests to mix and mingle effortlessly.
But at the heart of Resolute is the wine library, nestled appropriately between the lounge and the bar. Columns of custom wood and brass wine trays define this intimate space, showcasing Justin’s and Dan’s eclectic yet comprehensive bottle collection. An intricately detailed walnut lattice screen provides just enough of a visual break between the retail space and the lounge to separate the two spaces visually, while keeping them connected.
Providing these different experiences within a single space allows for guests to explore the bar in new ways upon every visit, so that the bar’s layers and nuances unfold over time. The common themes of antique brass, the honest use of woods, and the consistent touches of blue detailing and textiles tie these rooms together in a sophisticated design that plays homage to heritage of beer and wine. The end result is meant to be a reinterpretation of the old school, a twist on the classics, and an introduction to the future of wine.
Location: 678 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA
Collaborators: Auerbach Glasow (lighting), ACI (general contractor)
Size: 1,600 square feet
Completion: July 2015
Photo Credits: Mariko Reed Architectural Photography




1600 SF


San Francisco CA

I can’t recommend these guys enough. They are well organized, plugged into the City, know how every facet of restaurant/bar construction goes, and have an incredible eye for what visually works. When we open up our second spot, I’ll be hiring them again.  Our bar has become a beloved element in our neighborhood in SF, and this is in no small part due to the tireless efforts of Zero Ten.

Justin Beem
Owner, Resolute