The Skyline News and Gifts Store is a specialized newsstand operation.  The store is designed to showcase multiple product lines in an open, sophisticated, and contemporary environment that presents all of the classic newsstand offerings in an organized, well planned fashion.


The idea behind the design of Skyline News and Gifts is a modern reinterpretation of the simple city corner urban-industrial newsstand.  The newsstand’s clean lines and simple efficient layout allows the traveler to simply negotiate the newsstand and easily find what they are looking for amongst a wide variety of merchandise. The traveler would be drawn into the space to slowly browse at their leisure or have the ability to quickly grab a newspaper or snack before running to catch their plane.  The material and color palette for Skyline News and Gifts is inspired by memories of vintage aviation in combination with modern design that surround them in SFO’s newest world class terminal.

The store location is in SFO’s new redevelopment of Terminal 1. Contemporary and stylish, Skyline News and Gifts presents a new face in the retail line up at San Francisco International Airport.  With its tech savvy presentation and underlying sustainable design sensibility Skyline News and Gifts will be well received by the traveling public.

A significant portion of the storefront will be open to allow customers to flow freely into the store.  An entry portal of sustainable wood creates a strong visual cue for passing travelers.  The design takes full advantage of the available ceiling height to create a light and airy interior.  Light, natural colors are used throughout the stores interior to visually enlarge the space.  The clean lines of the newsstands design are further reinforced with the use of a minimal color palette to create an illusion of spaciousness and simplicity.

The exterior of the store is designed to express the modern, bright feel of the space and maximizes the available storefront presence to promote views into the store.  The space décor and style are intended to be one with the terminal construction, making the space feel connected and an extension of the overall terminal design.

The wood frame details, echoing the storefront, that surround the merchandise fixtures neatly frame selected merchandise display areas.   Shelves constructed of recycled glass contrast with the wood frame and create warmth in the space.  Category signage above wall merchandise units are satin finish dark steel letters pin mounted above the wood frames and set against a wall of locally sourced ceramic tile that each features a soft oval divot relief to complement the adjacent materials.

To enhance the open feeling of the store, the cash wrap has a minimized footprint as the center of the store.  Customer floor fixtures will be minimal carved monolithic wood featuring hardwearing dark natural raw steel bases with recycled glass shelving – matching the overall aesthetic of the location.

Lo SFO Terminal 1
Size: 602 sf
Completion: Summer 2019
Photo credits: Barry Schwartz Photography




602 SF


San Francisco CA