Trinity Place

Our redesign proposes a revitalization of a dated and lifeless restaurant terrace at Trinity Place, an alley in San Francisco’s bustling Financial District.
The problem here has always been that the restaurants at the back of the alleyway have limited visibility and subsequently have been more challenging to lease. To solve this, we propose a consistent, simple and elegant framework of stainless steel and glass, with each tenant’s outward facing corner of clear glass servicing to enhance the visibility into their restaurants. The L-shaped stainless steel canopies allow for unique tenant signage above, yet turn down to form another vertical sign opportunity for each restaurant’s  logo — logos that are back lit and will be easily seen by all passers by. Complementing this are two large format digital display boards that anchor each end of the dining terrace and act as another form of signage for the dining terrace at-large, with beautiful HD graphics displaying each vendors unique food offerings.
To complete the design we propose an entirely new palette of hardscape, plantings and soft seating to make the environment a better place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, including a new water feature and signage at the entry corner to announce the terrace as the place to eat in downtown San Francisco.