Founded in 1985, Homebridge is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improve the delivery of in-home support service programs in San Francisco.  Serving several elderly and senior service centers in San Francisco, Homebridge has developed and refined an approach to home care that combines client services, training and supervision of caregivers, and coordination with public and private organizations to provide the services needed for clients to continue living independently at home.


The success of Homebridge over the years resulted in significant organizational growth, prompting the acquisition of the entire second floor of their current address to accommodate an expansion of the Executive Leadership and support staff.  We were tasked to completely transform the second floor space, formerly a hair salon, into a new office space consisting of: a ‘cube farm’ for support staff, private offices for managers and the HR/ Accounting teams, and a ‘Living Room’ for staff to relax, read and work.
Our first design move was to remove just about all of the existing interior walls. This exposed a beautiful existing, substructure of raw brick, concrete, and steel brace frames, and allowed us to create an open work environment, facilitating and encouraging the close collaboration between managers and support staff.  Emphasis on the open work space is reinforced with perimeter private offices delineated by floor to ceiling glass walls, allowing sound separation yet full transparency throughout the space.  A warm gray and white color palate was chosen to complement the warmth of the existing board-formed concrete structural columns, while the signature bright  ‘Homebridge yellow’ is used to provide a pop of accent color on the angular steel brace frames marching through the space.
The ‘Living Room’ is designed to offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of the main work space while helping to provide a quiet and communal gathering space for the first and second floor staff.  Soft lighting, sofas, lounge chairs, carpet floor tiles, and a wood feature wall help foster a calming environment as natural light emanates from one side of the adjacent 5 story central atrium.  Custom rope screen walls, designed as a nod to the Bay Area’s numerous suspension bridges, help to organize the room into separate, focused areas of work, contemplation, and relaxed conversation.
Location: 1035 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Size: 5,600 SF
Completion: January 2017




5600 SF


San Francisco CA