On the heels of the highly successful opening of their first smoothie bar on Valencia Street a few months ago, Project Juice recently unveiled their newest shop in The Market on Market, a new food hall located on the ground floor of the Twitter building.

Design elements of the modern take on the simple fruit crate concept from Valencia St. have been carried over here, but crafted in a slightly deconstructed way to respond to the existing physical space of the Market.

The familiar design details were carefully massaged and integrated into the existing architecture to continue reinforcing the Project Juice brand promise of offering the highest quality and most nutritious juice around, while also making the shop instantly recognizable as a ‘Project Juice’.

Pro Tip: If you’re near 10th and Market Street anytime soon,  pop into Stevenson Alley off of 10th St. for direct access into the Project Juice and try their new Protein Cacao smoothie!!!